Women Rock Brunch: September Show List

Our monthly show list promotes women musicians and promoters in the Boston area. 

Sunday, September 8
Tuesday, September 10
Thursday, September 12
Friday, September 13
Bitch Trifecta, Landforms @ Gulu Gulu Cafe
Saturday, September 14
Sunday, September 15
Bitch Trifecta, Steve Subrizi, Lord Spectacular @ Precinct
Tuesday, September 17
Wednesday, September 19
Saturday, September 21
Ginger Ibex @ Outpost 168: a night of Radiohead covers with friends
Monday, September 23
Tuesday, September 24
Thursday, September 28
Viva Gina, Osaka Street Cutters, When Particles Collide @ Radio
Friday, September 29
Mini Fest: Hammer and Snake, Streight Angular, School 4 Robots, Aotearoa, Ghost Modern, PowerSlut @ Precinct
October 4
Ginger Ibex @ Arts at the Armory
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