The name ‘Missed Connections’ used to refer to the fact that each show featured a new set of musicians–people I had either played with on other projects, or had always wanted to. One great thing about being a side player for years is that when you launch a solo project? Plenty of top-notch musicians are ready and willing to give you a shot and join you on stage. These days, the Missed Connections has fully-realized lineup (with occasional guest stars). The Missed Connections: Rumble Edition features Magen Tracy on vocals and keys, Stud Green (Humble Tripe) on violin, guitar, mandolin, and backing vocals, Mike Oram (Abbie Barrett Band, Airport, Eric Salt & Electric City) on guitar and vocals, Sam Spencer (formerly Sera Del Fuego, Milling Gowns) on bass, and Tamora Gooding (Gene Dante and the Future Starlets, Axemunkee) on drums.

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