Update 3/4: Due to PledgeMusic’s suspension of all campaigns and payments last month, we have moved our campaign to our own site. Check out our DIY Brighter Light Crowdfunding Campaign right here at our store! For the past nine months, we’ve been hard at work at Q Division Studios finishing our first full-length album. In addition to our very talented band members, it features as well as the guest talents of Juliana Hatfield (on backing vocals) and Josh Kantor (organist for the Boston Red Sox). The album will combine our earlier singles with producer/guitar player Craig Small with 6 new studio tracks and one live track, produced by Ed Valauskas. We’ve finished the bulk of the recording, and are on our way to mixing and mastering. To push this project over the finish line, we’ve launched a PledgeMusic campaign. By pre-ordering your CD (digital or physical or both), you’ll have early access to the tunes, plus updates from the studio and our upcoming shows. Want more? We’ve got lots of special items to offer like merch, private shows, and lessons: you can learn drumming from T. Goodie, QuickBooks from Stud, get backing vocals for your next project, and lots more! Every backer gets a digital download of the album, plus exclusive behind-the-scenes updates throughout the rest of the project. Check out our store and pre-order your goodies today! Thanks so much for joining us! ~  Magen, Mike, Sam, Stud, and Tamora