Our 9 tunes are currently in the capable hands of Pat Dicenso (who mixed my first EP, Fiercely, back in 2015). This weekend, we’re finishing up the album now with a special recording of a song my mother wrote probably 30 years ago. I made the band learn it to play at my wedding last June, and decided shortly after that I really wanted to get it recorded for prosperity.

Because it’s so different from the rest of the tunes (though really not that different – we have a lot in common, including a preference for triple meter), I wanted to do something special to record it. Live recording felt like a great way to capture the experience we had as a band of listening to this song, unpacking it, and arranging it to make it our own. It happened very organically, and I’m hopefully that the recording will go the same way! I’ll post pics and tracks from the studio this Sunday, but in the meantime, here are the lyrics, written by my mother for my father. It’s got a beautiful melody, but I’m even more struck by the lyrics – the way the last line of each verse links directly to the first line of the next, with the last line of the song linking back to the very first line. She was a smart one, my mom.

A fortune-found lover, I dreamed that he entered my life
And my life was a dream
A room in a house and a garden that grew all year long
With tomatoes and greens
Our kittens grew fat and our children grew tall
But we didn’t grow old, not at all

We only grew younger and wiser and stronger and then
As the years passed along
We started to thin and grow clear as a stream in the spring
With a melting snow song
The light that shown in our faces reflected the light
That we built our lives on

We had sunlight to laugh by and moonlight to dream by
And fire to sing in the cold
And candles that burned by our beds where we loved every night
Til each night had grown old
And after the candles burned out we would lie side by side
And together we’d dream

A fortune-found lover, I dreamed that he entered my life
And my life was a dream