Two months ago, we launched our first-ever crowdfunding campaign through PledgeMusic to help us finish our new album. We were overwhelmed by the response: within the first 2 weeks, we were 75% to our goal. Read more about the project and initial campaign here.

Then, with 3 weeks and only 7% left to reach our goal, PledgeMusic announced they were in deep financial trouble, and suspended all campaigns and payments. While this was incredibly frustrating, we were actually one of the lucky ones: because our campaign never reached its goal, no one was actually charged, giving us the option of taking our business–and hopefully our backers–elsewhere.

So we threw our backs in to it, drew on the expertise and support of friends and colleagues, and developed our own campaign store and matching website right here, powered by MusicSpace, a locally-sourced platform for artist websites, content, and commerce, developed by our good friends at Redefined.

Visit MTMC’s DIY Brighter Light Crowdfunding Campaign Store

Our campaign store features all the same items and experiences the PledgeMusic one did: you can still get a signed copy of the album on CD, our popular Morning After Muglessonshouse shows, and exclusive bundles.  We were also able to add a few new features, like a pick-up-in-person option to save you shipping fees. This time the money goes straight to our album fund through PayPal, and we’ll be handling all the fulfillment ourselves so we can guarantee its security.

For our original backers: If you’d still like to back our project (and we hope you do!), you’ll just need to make your purchase again in our campaign store. You don’t need to do anything to cancel your previous Pledge purchase; you have not been charged, nor will you be since the campaign was closed before completion.

It’s been a tough few weeks of this stuff, and a crash course in e-commerce, web design, and crowdfunding. But the album continues to progress: we recorded our final tune live in-studio in February, the tracks are being mixed and mastered this month, and we’ll be announcing our album release party in the next few weeks. Moreover, thanks to the good people in our community and the hard work of our team, we’ve come up with a crowdfunding solution we’re actually excited about. We hope you’ll join us on this adventure!

~  Magen, Mike, Sam, Stud, and Tamora