In 10 days, Long Fuse Burning, will be available on streaming platforms and for sale everywhere! As a lead up, I’m going to share some insights on the artwork, inspiration, and team that made it happen.

On Day 1, let’s talk a little bit about the artwork! Designed by Jenny Bergman of the Secret Bureau of Art & Design.

The outer packaging was shot in Jenny’s studio, along with our promo photos, in what was one of the most enjoyable photo shoots I’ve ever experienced–even for the bandmates who generally hate having their pics taken. Jenny’s got a knack for making people feel comfortable, and for capturing emotion and feeling in a shot at the same time. (Check out more of these on our photos page.)

For the full album, Jenny had the idea to make a 10 page booklet with art inspired by each song. I LOVED this; I’d really wanted a way to make the album feel substantial and weighty, and while I couldn’t afford vinyl this round, I really liked the idea of making the CD packaging substantial. I provided Jenny with lyrics and she dug into her own photo and art collection for inspiration for each song.

We were all blown away by just how well she managed to capture the essence of each song. The images she chose are powerful, evocative, and diverse, and it’s a uniquely moving experience to see how one’s music influences another’s visual art. Thanks, Jenny, for making art with me! <3

Long Fuse Burning will be available on August 16 for purchase and on all streaming platforms. Pre-save or pre-order today.