Welcome to Day 9 in our 10-Day Countdown! For the next few days, I’m going to write about the songs on Long Fuse Burning.

Back in 2011, before the Missed Connections were a thing, I went through a rough breakup, and dealt with it in a variety of ways, as one does: crying, drinking, surrounding myself with friends, hitting up every rooftop pool, boat, and body of water I could find. I’m also proud to say that, unlike some of my previous dark periods, this time I threw myself into writing. It was a far more productive outlet than some of the others, and led to the 5 tracks that became Fiercely, my first EP, as well as the formation of the band and the beginning of my focus on my own music.

Two songs from that period didn’t make it on to the first EP: “This Goodbye” and “(Even the Good Guys) Fall”. The first is a moody ballad about saying goodbye not just to my ex, but to his children, who I’d grown close to. Dealing with this loss was a whole new kinda of heartbreak for me, but I also think it helped me grow up a bit, and make decisions about how I wanted to approach my own life and potential family.

Album Insert Artwork by The Secret Bureau of Art & Design

(Even the Good Guys) Fall is one of the first tunes I brought to Sam Spencer, in the days when the Missed Connections was Sam with an upright bass and me with a borrowed keyboard in a practice room in Charlestown. And it was Sam who suggested dusting it off again a year or so ago with the band; it really came together with this iteration of the Missed Connections, and especially in the recording process. Mike Oram’s reharmonizations, and the layered guitar and synth parts that he and Ed V. added during the recording made a song I originally considered something of an outlier in the set one of my favorite tracks on the album. I’m also in love with Tamora’s drums here (especially what I call the “sexy toms” on the bridge), and Stud and Mike’s lush harmonies.

Album Insert Artwork by The Secret Bureau of Art & Design

Long Fuse Burning will be available on August 16 for purchase and on all streaming platforms. Pre-save or pre-order today.