Long Fuse Burning encompasses not just 6+ years of writing, but almost 3 years of recording as well. “Harder Girl” and “Color the Air” were originally recorded and released as standalone singles in 2016 and 2017, respectively. I wrote quite a bit about each on this blog at the time, and I wanted to give some more love to each tune and their place in LFB this week during the run-up.

Both tunes were produced and arranged by accomplished producer, guitar player, and Airport frontman Craig Small. Craig was our full-time guitar player for 3 years (before he went on to open a wildly successful School of Rock in Natick), and these recordings are a beautiful encapsulation of that period of intense music-making and collaboration. They mark the start of when the album’s fuse was “lit”, so to speak.

“Harder Girl” was recorded almost completely in one day at Mortal Music (now Revolution Sound Studios) in Charlestown, MA, engineered by the fantastic Andy Pinkham. It was one of the first times I’d done a one-song-in-one-day session, and I love the unity that comes from pulling together a track like that. Of course, that doesn’t touch on the hours of guitars, backing vocals, and additional percussion Craig added in the months that followed, giving the track its rich, layered sound.

” Color the Air” was recorded a year later at Q Division Studios, engineered and mixed by Pat DiCenso. With this one, Craig took that same layered approach to new heights, with an absolutely breathtaking vocal treatment; the lead vocals swimming in a dense pool of ethereal backing vocals by Craig and Stud. We used this track for our first video, featuring dancer Whitney Hoke, and directed by Leesa Coyne, which received a Boston Music Award nomination for Video of the Year in 2017.

Long Fuse Burning will be available on August 16 for purchase and on all streaming platforms. Pre-save or pre-order today.