One of the great things about being a side player for years before going solo, is that you’ve already built up friendships with amazing players who are more than willing to help you out. For the next few days I’m going to talk about the current Missed Connections, as well as past ones and album guest stars!

The story of the Missed Connections really starts with me and Sam Spencer. We’ve been friends for years. One of my first times on stage in Boston was actually sitting in with his former power trio, Sera Del Fuego at Harper’s Ferry. In 2014, Sam was just moving back to Boston from Brooklyn and I had a recent breakup and a ton of inspiration. I had songs I wanted to try out and he had a newly acquired upright bass he wanted to take out for a spin, so we met up to shed through them. These songs became the foundation of Fiercely, our first EP, released in May of 2015.

During this time we played a number of shows as a duo, and started to expand to include other players (shout-outs to Travis Richter, Christie Prince, and Carolyn Castellano!), before we formed the first iteration of the Missed Connections with Nate Leavitt on guitar (and the EP’s producer) and Ned Gallacher (on drums). Our very first show as the Missed Connections was at the Paradise Rock Club opening up for national artist Lissie–quite an auspicious start! From the beginning Sam has been a solid support, a committed friend and bandmate, and a fantastic player and musical collaborator. He’s the backbone of this group, its most consistent member, and someone I’ve shared so much with in life and in music over the past 5 years.

Photo by Joshua Pickering.

Tamora Gooding (aka T. Goodie) falls into the category of: Amazing Musician I Tricked Into Joining My Band. My secret is seeking people out and asking them for one show at a time until they wake up one day and realize–surprise!–they’re a full time Missed Connection! With T. Goodie, that show was a benefit for Yes All Women Boston at TT the Bear’s in January of 2015. We’d met earlier at aWomen’s Rock Brunch, and I’d been a fan of her drumming with Gene Dante and the Future Starlets since I first say them in the 2008 Rumble.

Since then T. Goodie has done such amazing things for the music and for the band. Aside from being a hugely talented drummer, she’s got a theatrical sense of performance and dynamics that I absolutely love, and a drive to “rock up” even my most mellow of songs. She also makes sure we start and end every practice with hugs all around, and keeps us all going with her infectious energy and smile throughout every set. When you make a mistake? T. Goodie just smiles even bigger.

Photo by Joshua Pickering.

She’s also become my drummer-buddy for dozens of side projects: we’ve covered Prince (O Sheila), Stevie Nicks/Fleetwood Mac (Stevie Chicks), and most recently she joined me in Band of Their Own (our Hot Stove Cool Music super group with Kay Hanley, Tanya Donnelly, Gail Greenwood, Jen Trynin, Jen D’Angora, Hilkin Mancini, and more.) I’d play anything with this woman, and hope to get to play tons more!

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