Yesterday I gave some love to the Missed Connections’s rhythm section. So today’s the day I talk about the front of the stage: Stud Green (violin, mandolin, acoustic, backing vocals) and Mike Oram (guitar, backing vocals).

Stud and I met at Girls Rock Campaign Boston 6 years ago, as instrument instructors and band coaches. I knew Stud had a background as a classical violinist, so we met up at a practice room at Berklee to try out violin on some of the songs for the Fiercely EP. It was then that I realized Stud also plays guitar, mandolin, and bass–and has the voice of an angel. While Stud spends a good portion of the year touring with the folk duo, Humble Tripe, it was only a matter of time before I managed to pull my patented “trick-you-into-joining-my-band” move (wanna play just this one show? How about another one? One more?) These days it’s hard to imagine the band without Stud’s gorgeous instrumentations and harmonies (sometimes referred to as our “secret weapon”), or my life without my partner/confidante in all things music, GRCB, 90’s-lesbian-folk-rock, and CW television shows.

Photo by Fuelheart Productions.

Mike Oram is the most recent addition to the Missed Connections; originally a fill-in, he stepped up to join us in the 2017 Rock-and-Roll Rumble. Early on, Stud, Mike, and I realized how much we all liked singing together. We played a stripped down show at Atwood’s for a Girls Rock Campaign fundraiser, and Secret Trio was born. Their harmonies are in full effect throughout Long Fuse Burning, showcased particular well on our first single, “Dirty Little Secret”.

Mike’s ear and guitar playing have also brought a ton to the band and to this album. On songs like “Fall” and “Is It Enough”, he was a huge part of the arrangement and production, both in songwriting practices and in the studio. (Most of the synth parts you hear me play on these tunes are his or Ed V’s–or most likely some Miller Lite fueled mind-meld of the two). These days Mike’s one of the most sought-after players in Boston, playing with with Juliana Hatfield, Abbie Barrett Band, Eric Salt & Electric City, Andrea Gillis Band, and Cujo. We’re thrilled to count him as one of our own, and I’m lucky to call him one of my closest friends.

Photo by Joshua Pickering..

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