Long Fuse Burning 10-Day Countdown: The Oldies (Day 9)

Welcome to Day 9 in our 10-Day Countdown! For the next few days, I'm going to write about the songs on Long Fuse Burning.

Back in 2011, before the Missed Connections were a thing, I went through a rough breakup, and dealt with it in a variety of ways, as one does: crying, drinking, surrounding myself with friends, hitting up every rooftop pool, boat, and body of water I could find. I'm also proud to say that, unlike some of my previous dark periods, this time I threw myself into writing. It was a far more productive outlet than some of the others, and led to the 5 tracks that became Fiercely, my first EP, as well as the formation of the band and the beginning of my focus on my own music.

Two songs from that period didn't make it on to the first EP: "This Goodbye" and "(Even the Good Guys) Fall". The first is a moody ballad about saying goodbye not just to my ex, but to his children, who I'd grown close to. Dealing with this loss was a whole new kinda of heartbreak for me, but I also think it helped me grow up a bit, and make decisions about how I wanted to approach my own life and potential family.

Album Insert Artwork by The Secret Bureau of Art & Design

(Even the Good Guys) Fall is one of the first tunes I brought to Sam Spencer, in the days when the Missed Connections was Sam with an upright bass and me with a borrowed keyboard in a practice room in Charlestown. And it was Sam who suggested dusting it off again a year or so ago with the band; it really came together with this iteration of the Missed Connections, and especially in the recording process. Mike Oram's reharmonizations, and the layered guitar and synth parts that he and Ed V. added during the recording made a song I originally considered something of an outlier in the set one of my favorite tracks on the album. I'm also in love with Tamora's drums here (especially what I call the "sexy toms" on the bridge), and Stud and Mike's lush harmonies.

Album Insert Artwork by The Secret Bureau of Art & Design

Long Fuse Burning will be available on August 16 for purchase and on all streaming platforms. Pre-save or pre-order today.

Long Fuse Burning 10-Day Countdown: The Art (Day 10)

In 10 days, Long Fuse Burning, will be available on streaming platforms and for sale everywhere! As a lead up, I'm going to share some insights on the artwork, inspiration, and team that made it happen.

On Day 1, let's talk a little bit about the artwork! Designed by Jenny Bergman of the Secret Bureau of Art & Design.

The outer packaging was shot in Jenny's studio, along with our promo photos, in what was one of the most enjoyable photo shoots I've ever experienced–even for the bandmates who generally hate having their pics taken. Jenny's got a knack for making people feel comfortable, and for capturing emotion and feeling in a shot at the same time. (Check out more of these on our photos page.)

For the full album, Jenny had the idea to make a 10 page booklet with art inspired by each song. I LOVED this; I'd really wanted a way to make the album feel substantial and weighty, and while I couldn't afford vinyl this round, I really liked the idea of making the CD packaging substantial. I provided Jenny with lyrics and she dug into her own photo and art collection for inspiration for each song.

We were all blown away by just how well she managed to capture the essence of each song. The images she chose are powerful, evocative, and diverse, and it's a uniquely moving experience to see how one's music influences another's visual art. Thanks, Jenny, for making art with me! <3

Long Fuse Burning will be available on August 16 for purchase and on all streaming platforms. Pre-save or pre-order today.

PRESS: Long Fuse Burning Previewed in the Boston Herald

Read a fantastic write-up on new single, forthcoming album, and album preview show this Thursday at the Burren Backroom!


Video Premiere: "Fortune-Found Lover" by Elizabeth Herman Tracy

Video Premiere: "Fortune-Found Lover" by Elizabeth Herman Tracy

Today, I'm thrilled to announce, we're sharing our first finished piece from the album: a performance video of my mother's song, "Fortune-Found Lover", recorded live in one day at Q Division Studios, produced by Ed Valauskas and filmed by Treebeard Media. We'll be premiering the video live today on YouTube at 2PM EST.

My mother wrote this song in 1973, and recorded it around 1978 on cassette along with about 12 others. She taught me these tunes as she taught me guitar, and to this day, it's one of the most perfect love songs I've ever heard. It was an incredibly special experience to get to arrange and record this with the band and Ed, and I'm moved and proud to be able to share it with you today. Watch live.

Mother's Day is a complicated holiday. It addition to being a celebration of the women in our lives, it can also remind us of people we've lost; strained relationships with family members; elusive relationships we never had; or the roles of motherhood we hope to play in our own lives. I've struggled with this holiday personally for the past 20 years since we lost my mother, and in other ways in more recent years as "woman-of-a-certain-age" without children. At the same time, I've used this holiday every year as an opportunity to celebrate the various people in my life who have mothered me–friends, family members, bandmates, role models–and to remember my own mother and the amazing things she gave me: including music. Most years I change my Facebook profile picture, without comment, to a picture of the two of us. This year, I wanted to use it as an opportunity to celebrate her music.

I can't thank you all enough for your support and help in making this, and the rest of the album, possible. Here's wishing you all a happy weekend, whatever it may mean to you.
~  Magen, Mike, Sam, Stud, and Tamora

Album and Crowdfunding Update: 100% Funded!

Amazing news: as of yesterday afternoon the campaign we launched only two weeks ago for our new album is now FULLY FUNDED!

What this means:
We can afford mixing, mastering, and CD production! After financing the recording on a combination of gig money, credit cards, tax refunds, and savings (I'll never afford a condo in Somerville anyway), it's huge relief to be able to enter this last phase with it fully financed. Moreover, it's a big win for us, and independent musicians everywhere, that we were able to do this on our own–and so quickly–in the wake of the PledgeMusic fiasco. We're blown away, and so inspired by the support of our community.

What's next:
We can can do more! All those big ideas I had back in January about publicity and distribution are back on the table. We've setting a new crowdfunding goal to help us cover publicity, distribution, artwork, and video production for the album. And, as promised in the initial campaign, we'll be donating 5% of everything raised from this point on to Girls Rock Campaign Boston. This is an organization very near and dear to our hearts: it's where Stud and I met, and we both currently serve on the Board of Directors. We're so glad to be able to use our music to help them continue their mission of empowering girls and women through musical education and performance.

Visit Our Store to Help Us Reach Our Next Goal

Thanks to all of you for making this possible! <3

~  Magen, Mike, Sam, Stud, and Tamora

Announcing Our DIY Brighter Light Crowdfunding Campaign

Two months ago, we launched our first-ever crowdfunding campaign through PledgeMusic to help us finish our new album. We were overwhelmed by the response: within the first 2 weeks, we were 75% to our goal. Read more about the project and initial campaign here.

Then, with 3 weeks and only 7% left to reach our goal, PledgeMusic announced they were in deep financial trouble, and suspended all campaigns and payments. While this was incredibly frustrating, we were actually one of the lucky ones: because our campaign never reached its goal, no one was actually charged, giving us the option of taking our business–and hopefully our backers–elsewhere.

So we threw our backs in to it, drew on the expertise and support of friends and colleagues, and developed our own campaign store and matching website right here, powered by MusicSpace, a locally-sourced platform for artist websites, content, and commerce, developed by our good friends at Redefined.

Visit MTMC's DIY Brighter Light Crowdfunding Campaign Store

Our campaign store features all the same items and experiences the PledgeMusic one did: you can still get a signed copy of the album on CD, our popular Morning After Muglessonshouse shows, and exclusive bundles.  We were also able to add a few new features, like a pick-up-in-person option to save you shipping fees. This time the money goes straight to our album fund through PayPal, and we'll be handling all the fulfillment ourselves so we can guarantee its security.

For our original backers: If you'd still like to back our project (and we hope you do!), you'll just need to make your purchase again in our campaign store. You don't need to do anything to cancel your previous Pledge purchase; you have not been charged, nor will you be since the campaign was closed before completion.

It's been a tough few weeks of this stuff, and a crash course in e-commerce, web design, and crowdfunding. But the album continues to progress: we recorded our final tune live in-studio in February, the tracks are being mixed and mastered this month, and we'll be announcing our album release party in the next few weeks. Moreover, thanks to the good people in our community and the hard work of our team, we've come up with a crowdfunding solution we're actually excited about. We hope you'll join us on this adventure!

~  Magen, Mike, Sam, Stud, and Tamora

One More Song: Fortune-Found Lover by Elizabeth Herman Tracy - Recorded Live

Our 9 tunes are currently in the capable hands of Pat Dicenso (who mixed my first EP, Fiercely, back in 2015). This weekend, we're finishing up the album now with a special recording of a song my mother wrote probably 30 years ago. I made the band learn it to play at my wedding last June, and decided shortly after that I really wanted to get it recorded for prosperity.

Because it's so different from the rest of the tunes (though really not that different - we have a lot in common, including a preference for triple meter), I wanted to do something special to record it. Live recording felt like a great way to capture the experience we had as a band of listening to this song, unpacking it, and arranging it to make it our own. It happened very organically, and I'm hopefully that the recording will go the same way! I'll post pics and tracks from the studio this Sunday, but in the meantime, here are the lyrics, written by my mother for my father. It's got a beautiful melody, but I'm even more struck by the lyrics - the way the last line of each verse links directly to the first line of the next, with the last line of the song linking back to the very first line. She was a smart one, my mom.

A fortune-found lover, I dreamed that he entered my life
And my life was a dream
A room in a house and a garden that grew all year long
With tomatoes and greens
Our kittens grew fat and our children grew tall
But we didn't grow old, not at all

We only grew younger and wiser and stronger and then
As the years passed along
We started to thin and grow clear as a stream in the spring
With a melting snow song
The light that shown in our faces reflected the light
That we built our lives on

We had sunlight to laugh by and moonlight to dream by
And fire to sing in the cold
And candles that burned by our beds where we loved every night
Til each night had grown old
And after the candles burned out we would lie side by side
And together we'd dream

A fortune-found lover, I dreamed that he entered my life
And my life was a dream

Be a part of our first full-length album, due out in Spring 2019!

Update 3/4: Due to PledgeMusic's suspension of all campaigns and payments last month, we have moved our campaign to our own site. Check out our DIY Brighter Light Crowdfunding Campaign right here at our store!

For the past nine months, we've been hard at work at Q Division Studios finishing our first full-length album. In addition to our very talented band members, it features as well as the guest talents of Juliana Hatfield (on backing vocals) and Josh Kantor (organist for the Boston Red Sox). The album will combine our earlier singles with producer/guitar player Craig Small with 6 new studio tracks and one live track, produced by Ed Valauskas.

We've finished the bulk of the recording, and are on our way to mixing and mastering. To push this project over the finish line, we've launched a PledgeMusic campaign. By pre-ordering your CD (digital or physical or both), you'll have early access to the tunes, plus updates from the studio and our upcoming shows. Want more? We’ve got lots of special items to offer like merch, private shows, and lessons: you can learn drumming from T. Goodie, QuickBooks from Stud, get backing vocals for your next project, and lots more! Every backer gets a digital download of the album, plus exclusive behind-the-scenes updates throughout the rest of the project.

Check out our store and pre-order your goodies today!

Thanks so much for joining us!

~  Magen, Mike, Sam, Stud, and Tamora

Q Recording Photo Gallery

Last Sunday, we put some of the finishing touches on our first full-length album at Q Division Studios. We've been hard at work since last March on these tracks, and are so excited about how they're sounding. On Sunday, in addition to wrapping Stud and Mike's backing vocals and Tamora's aux percussion, we had the amazing Juliana Hatfield come by for guest vocals on three tunes. Our pal Carissa Johnson, of Fuel Heart Productions, was on hand to document.

The album will pull together two previously released singles (Harder Girl and Color the Air, produced by Craig Small), with another track by Small, plus 6 new tracks produced by Ed Valauskas. We'll be rolling it out in early 2019–stay tuned for sneak peaks and more info!

MTMC September Shows

Saturday, September 22 at Bust Out Boston
This month, we're thrilled to be a part of Bust Out Boston–a 5 day festival celebrating music in the Boston area through the lenses of female-identifying, gender-nonconforming, non-binary, and trans artists. Featured performers include Oopma, The Devils Twins, Melissa Ferrick, Abbie Barrett, Dark Matter, Neon Black, Shepherdess, and more! We play Saturday night, after an equally exciting Saturday afternoon matinee,39943666_334562720448820_209505597006020608_o with an amazing lineup:

9/22: Bust Out Boston (Night 4)
The Devils Twins, Flight of Fire, Magen Tracy & the Missed Connections, Lonely Leesa & the Lost Cowboys
The Burren
Somerville, MA
$20.00 Advance / $24.00 Door
Doors: 4:30 / Show: 5:00
Buy Tickets
(All Access Passes for all five days available)

Saturday, September 29 at Atwood's with Sinnet
The week after, we return to Atwood's Tavern with indie-pop group Sinnet for a longer set where we'll dust off some old tunes and covers and maybe-possibly-if-I-finish-the-lyrics-in-time try out a new song for you all!

9/29: Magen Tracy & the Missed Connections w/ Sinnet
Atwood's Tavern
Cambridge, MA
Sinnet at 10PM / MTMC at 11:15
Buy Tickets