Album and Crowdfunding Update: 100% Funded!

Amazing news: as of yesterday afternoon the campaign we launched only two weeks ago for our new album is now FULLY FUNDED!

What this means:
We can afford mixing, mastering, and CD production! After financing the recording on a combination of gig money, credit cards, tax refunds, and savings (I'll never afford a condo in Somerville anyway), it's huge relief to be able to enter this last phase with it fully financed. Moreover, it's a big win for us, and independent musicians everywhere, that we were able to do this on our own–and so quickly–in the wake of the PledgeMusic fiasco. We're blown away, and so inspired by the support of our community.

What's next:
We can can do more! All those big ideas I had back in January about publicity and distribution are back on the table. We've setting a new crowdfunding goal to help us cover publicity, distribution, artwork, and video production for the album. And, as promised in the initial campaign, we'll be donating 5% of everything raised from this point on to Girls Rock Campaign Boston. This is an organization very near and dear to our hearts: it's where Stud and I met, and we both currently serve on the Board of Directors. We're so glad to be able to use our music to help them continue their mission of empowering girls and women through musical education and performance.

Visit Our Store to Help Us Reach Our Next Goal

Thanks to all of you for making this possible! <3

~  Magen, Mike, Sam, Stud, and Tamora

Vote "Color the Air" for Video of the Year

Last month we got the exciting news that our new video for “Color the Air” had been nominated for a Boston Music Award for 2017 Video of the Year (Unsigned Artist). Thanks so much to all of you who contributed to the final project, watched it, voted for it, and/or joined us for our video premiere party at the Rockwell last month! If you haven't voted yet, and are so inclined, BMA voting is open to the public until 10AM on November 1 at

Color the Air: Behind the Scenes (Photo Gallery)

Last month, 15 of our most devoted friends piled into a steamy loft space in JP to play extras in the shoot for our upcoming video for "Color the Air." We asked for "speakeasy/night on the town", and you guys delivered! Despite a lack of AC and a lot of waiting while we played, you all looked divine–so much so that director Leesa Coyne added in an extra scene to showcase you all. Check out some great pictures from the shoot, and stay tuned for the full video coming soon!

Concert Across America: Somerville on 9/25

On September 25, ONCE Somerville joins the Concert Across America with a lineup featuring the Boston Rock Opera,  Abbie Barrett & Band, Magen Tracy & the Missed Connections, Matt Heaton & the Electric Heaters, Lily Black, Ghosts & Shadows, Harborlights, and Angry Toddlers.

The Concert Across America will take place on September 25, the date designated by Congress in 2007 as a day of remembrance for murder victims. This nationwide event will bring together a network of organizations, activists and artists with the dual goals of keeping guns out of dangerous hands and making the issue of illegal guns top of mind for members of Congress, the presidential candidates, and the American people as they go to the polls in November 2016. Boston was the first city to announce, spearheaded by Stop Handgun Violence. For more information visit



6/25 Lizard Lounge: Photos and Video

SKMDCBoston does an phenomenal job of cataloging and archiving shows in the Boston area, and we were fortunate enough to have them in the audience a few weeks back at the Lizard Lounge for OldJack's Last Saturdays featuring Phil Aiken Army (quadruple album release) and Magen Tracy & the Missed Connections. Check out pictures and videos of all three sets here.

Photo by SKMDCBoston

It's always a joy to play with our friends, OldJack, especially since Nate Leavitt, Dan Nicklin, and Kelly Davis were all heavily involved in our 2015 EP, Fiercely. Nate Leavitt, who produced the EP and played all guitars on it, joined us for "Question" and our cover of Led Zepplin's "Down By the Seaside", and Nate, Dan, and Kelly all came up for our finale number, "Fiercely."

We also debuted two new tunes, "Dirty Little Secret" and "Miss the Life (I Thought I'd Have)." Next up: we're headed back into the studio to record new tunes for 2016/2017 releases. Here's SKMDCBoston's video of "Sweetheart":

Magen Tracy Live on the Steve Katsos Show

We're thrilled to begin 2016 with a guest appearance on the Steve Katsos Show, kicking off the 7th season of his late night talk show. The show tapes live in Arlington, MA, on Tuesday evenings and is broadcast to 12 countries worldwide. Each week features three artists in a performance-and-interview format. Since the show's debut in 2009, Katsos has provided an outlet for hundreds of New England musicians, authors, comedians, and performance artists to share their work with the world.

This Tuesday, Janaury 26, features Magen Tracy solo, along with comedian Jerry Caruso. Tune in at 8PM EST to watch live at



"Nightingale" Makes Guestlisted Top 215 of 2015 List

We're thrilled and honored to have Magen Tracy & the Missed Connections' "Nightingale" (produced by Nathaniel Leavitt) included in Jed Gottlieb's 215 Top Songs of 2015 list! And in such great company–check out the full list and associated playlist for all your new favorite songs.

Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at 5.58.13 PM

This Year's Model: All Femme Birthday Tribute to Elvis Costello

It's a melancholy time we are all living through here in Boston where the music is concerned. Our beloved TT's is no more, and Davis Square stalwart Johnny D's will soon sadly meet the same fate. The mood is dark, somber, bittersweet, nostalgic and filled with angst.

Whose music could be more suitable for this lingering sadness than that of the one and only Declan Patrick MacManus?

As part of a series of farewell performances for Johnny D's, This Year's Model will not only celebrate Elvis Costello's birthday (August 25th) and stupendous catalog, but it will feature heart-wrenching, barn-burning performances from some of Boston's greatest female singer songwriters, them being Jess Collins (The Static Dynamic, Petty Morals), Jen De La Osa (Aloud), Amy Douglas (FEINTS, Sunrise Hwy), Bridget Duggan (Paper Waves), Jess Jacobs (Band Without Hands), Tanya Pearson (Drab), Gretchen Shae (The Knock Ups), and Magen Tracy (Parlour Bells, The Missed Connections).

Post by Amy Douglas. Poster by Jess Jacobs.


Magen Tracy & Abbie Barrett Bands REDUX at Atwood's

If you missed our double bill (and Fiercely EP release) in May, you're in luck, because Magen Tracy & the Missed Connections and Abbie Barrett & the Last Date are joining forces again this August for another night at Atwood's. And if you were there, well, then, you're extra lucky because you get to come experience this awesome event all over again with new tunes, new covers, and new surprises. Last time we duetted with some Heart. Who will it be this time?


10:00 p.m. Magen Tracy & the Missed Connections
11:00 p.m. Abbie Barrett & the Last Date

Thursday, August 13
Atwood's Tavern
Cambridge, MA
877 Cambridge St.
$7, 21+
Buy advance tickets.

"Nightingale" Debut and EP Release Show

floral3frontFiercely is here! Hard copies are on their way, and we're working hard on our set for Thursday's EP release show at Atwood's Tavern. Get your first listen of the full EP on Bandcamp today.

Fiercely is the culmination of a year-long project with bandmate, producer, and friend Nate Leavitt, comprised of 5 songs he hand-picked from my catalog and brought to life. It showcases the talents of many of my favorite music collaborators and friends from various Boston projects: Sam Spencer (Sera Del Fuego), Ned Gallacher (Nate Leavitt Band, Vic Firecracker, Helicopter Helicopter, Ad Frank & the Fast Easy Women), Stud Green (Humble Tripe, and a Girls Rock Camp co-volunteer), Dan Nicklin and Kelly Davis (OldJack). The project also gave me a chance to work with the hugely talented Erin Genett and Kelly Davidson, who are responsible for the amazing album artwork and photography, respectively.

Read Jed Gottlieb's Guestisted review of the EP and its newest single, "Nightingale". Then join us on Thursday, May 21, for our EP Release Show at Atwood's Tavern. I'll be joined by the EP band, plus Craig Small (Airport, Waltham). We've got a rocking set planned for you with old songs, new songs, some of my favorite covers, and even a duet with the tremendous Abbie Barrett, whose band will close out the night. We hope to see you there!


10:00 p.m. Magen Tracy & the Missed Connections
11:15 p.m. Abbie Barrett & the Last Date

Thursday, May 21
Atwood's Tavern
Cambridge, MA
877 Cambridge St.
$7, 21+
Buy advance tickets.

Thanks for listening, and see you Thursday!

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