6/25 Lizard Lounge: Photos and Video

SKMDCBoston does an phenomenal job of cataloging and archiving shows in the Boston area, and we were fortunate enough to have them in the audience a few weeks back at the Lizard Lounge for OldJack's Last Saturdays featuring Phil Aiken Army (quadruple album release) and Magen Tracy & the Missed Connections. Check out pictures and videos of all three sets here.

Photo by SKMDCBoston

It's always a joy to play with our friends, OldJack, especially since Nate Leavitt, Dan Nicklin, and Kelly Davis were all heavily involved in our 2015 EP, Fiercely. Nate Leavitt, who produced the EP and played all guitars on it, joined us for "Question" and our cover of Led Zepplin's "Down By the Seaside", and Nate, Dan, and Kelly all came up for our finale number, "Fiercely."

We also debuted two new tunes, "Dirty Little Secret" and "Miss the Life (I Thought I'd Have)." Next up: we're headed back into the studio to record new tunes for 2016/2017 releases. Here's SKMDCBoston's video of "Sweetheart":


This Year's Model: All Femme Birthday Tribute to Elvis Costello

It's a melancholy time we are all living through here in Boston where the music is concerned. Our beloved TT's is no more, and Davis Square stalwart Johnny D's will soon sadly meet the same fate. The mood is dark, somber, bittersweet, nostalgic and filled with angst.

Whose music could be more suitable for this lingering sadness than that of the one and only Declan Patrick MacManus?

As part of a series of farewell performances for Johnny D's, This Year's Model will not only celebrate Elvis Costello's birthday (August 25th) and stupendous catalog, but it will feature heart-wrenching, barn-burning performances from some of Boston's greatest female singer songwriters, them being Jess Collins (The Static Dynamic, Petty Morals), Jen De La Osa (Aloud), Amy Douglas (FEINTS, Sunrise Hwy), Bridget Duggan (Paper Waves), Jess Jacobs (Band Without Hands), Tanya Pearson (Drab), Gretchen Shae (The Knock Ups), and Magen Tracy (Parlour Bells, The Missed Connections).

Post by Amy Douglas. Poster by Jess Jacobs.


Magen Tracy & Abbie Barrett Bands REDUX at Atwood's

If you missed our double bill (and Fiercely EP release) in May, you're in luck, because Magen Tracy & the Missed Connections and Abbie Barrett & the Last Date are joining forces again this August for another night at Atwood's. And if you were there, well, then, you're extra lucky because you get to come experience this awesome event all over again with new tunes, new covers, and new surprises. Last time we duetted with some Heart. Who will it be this time?


10:00 p.m. Magen Tracy & the Missed Connections
11:00 p.m. Abbie Barrett & the Last Date

Thursday, August 13
Atwood's Tavern
Cambridge, MA
877 Cambridge St.
$7, 21+
Buy advance tickets.

Bo & Rachel's House Show #9 on February 21

Bo & Rachel Barringer (aka The Wrong Shapes) present their 9th House Show (henceforth to be know as a Salon) on Saturday, February 21: It's been a few months and more than a couple of our more cultured friends have asked us recently if we're still holding "Salons" at our place…(Bo scratches head, "Huh, 'Salon'? What ever could they mean?" He goes racing to the Googles…;) (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia-)"A salon is a gathering of people under the roof of an inspiring host, held partly to amuse one another and partly to refine the taste and increase the knowledge of the participants through conversation. " Ah, I see…in the parlance of our more refined friends, "SALONS" mean "HOUSE SHOWS"…What a great idea-let's re-christen our monthly events… The 601 Boston Ave House Shows will henceforth be referred to as SALON (yeah, "Bo & Rachel's House Show" always sounded a bit pedestrian….) So, for our next SALON we are incredibly psyched to announce we will have the following performers: Amy Douglas of FEINTS When Particles Collide Drab Magen Tracy and your hosts, The Wrong Shapes set times TBA but performances will last from about 8PM till just before midnight…. More details on the Facebook Event.

Nate Leavitt Band at TT's, 10/4

Boston Emissions with Anngelle Wood celebrates their 5th birthday on Friday, 10/4, with The Field Effect, Color and Sound, Nate Leavitt Band, Airport, and Doom Lover at TT The Bear's.


Nate Leavitt Band at Cafe 939, 9/17

Tuesday, September 17, at The Red Room at Cafe 939, get your alt-country, singer-songwriter, "ghost folk" fix with the Nate Leavitt Band, featuring Nate Leavitt (Parlour Bells, Blizzard of '78), Dan Nicklin (OldJack), Magen Tracy (Parlour Bells, St. Helena), Brian Carroll, John Maloney (Rotary Prophets), and Ned Gallacher (Ad Frank and the Fast Easy Women, Helicopter, Helicopter).


Parlour Bells at Oberon, 9/13

Parlour Bells performs at Night 1 of the National MS Society benefit concert series Crash Safely at Oberon in Cambridge, MA on September 13, 2013, along with John Powhida International Airport, The Upper Crust, and Videodrome.

Crash Safely Night 1

Women Rock Brunch: July Show List

Happy July, ladies - it's a good one. Parlour Bells new videoAxemunkee in Curve! And lots of amazing shows:

Friday, July 5

Full Scene Ahead Presents Ghost Hammers and more @ Cantab Downstairs (Club Bohemia)

Saturday, July 6
Thursday, July 11
Friday, July 12
Saturday, July 13
Monday, July 15
Wednesday, July 17
Viva Gina On The Town w/ Mikey D
Thursday, July 18
Friday, July 19
Saturday, July 20
Tuesday, July 23
Friday, July 26
Sunday, July 28
Bunny's A Swine, earthquake party!, MiniBoone, Motel Mattress @ O'Brien's
July 31
The Easy Reasons On The Town with Mikey D
August 3

Shows: Fall 2011

October 15: Radio with Parlour Bells, Sarah RabDAU & Self-Employed Assassins, Garvy J.

October 21: CMJ Music Marathon with OldJack

October 22: Radio with St. Helena, Highly Personal Trash, Slow Runner, The Grownup Noise

November 2: Milky Way solo with Adam Anderson and David Jackel of Daily Pravda, Akhil Bhatt of Banana Phonetic

December 1: O'Briens as Magen Tracy and the Missed Connections with Christie Prince Band, Leagues @ O'Briens (Benefit for the Boston Initiative to Advance Human Rights)